Our Drink Selection

  • Cocktails

  • Tropical Trevor


    Malibu rum, banana liqueur, peach schnapps,  pineapple and white cranberry juice

  • Blueberry Mojito


    NSSC fresh blueberry juice, Willing to Learn gin, muddled mint and topped with soda

  • Crowbar Crush


    Captain Morgan spiced rum, peach schnapps, orange juice and Orange Crush

  • Zesty Mule


    Willing to Learn gin, simple syrup, orange juice, topped with ginger beer, garnished with orange slice and fresh mint

  • Oxford Moose


    Disarrono and blueberry ale, topped with fresh blueberries

  • Rocket Slushie


    Blue Lobster Rocket flavoured slushie


  • Coolers, Seltzers & Ciders

  • Blue Lobster Lemon Lime Vodka Soda

  • Blue Lobster Blueberry Lemon Vodka Soda

  • Blue Lobster Sour Cherry Lime Vodka Soda

  • Blue Lobster Tropical Punch

  • Blue Lobster Pink Lemonade

  • Twisted Tea

  • Mike's Hard White Freeze

  • Mike's Hard Peach Fuzz

  • Mike's Hard Blue Freeze

  • Bacardi REV

  • No Boats on Sunday Cider (Nova Scotia)

  • Strongbow Dry Cider (England)