Our Eats

  • Appetizers

  • Loaded Spuds


    Handcut PEI fries or tots topped with fried cheese curds, crispy bacon, and drizzled with white cheddar aioli

  • Parm Fries (GF)


    Handcut PEI fries or tots, garlic butter, parm, parsley, green onions, herb aioli

  • Confetti Fries (GF)


    Sweet potato fries, chipotle aioli, salted caramel bacon topper, green onions

  • Classic Poutine (GF)


    Handcut PEI fries or tots, topped with cheese curds and gravy

  • Buffalo Chicken Poutine (GF)


    Handcut PEI fries or tots, hot butter tossed fried chicken, herb aioli, cheese curds, crumbled blue cheese, green onions, house made Buffalo sauce

  • Barbacoa Poutine (GF)


    Handcut PEI fries or tots, pulled beef, cheese curds, beef gravy, white cheddar aioli, green onions

  • Bulgogi Cauliflower (V)


    Tempura cauliflower, bulgogi glaze, pickled red onions, sesame seeds, vegan aioli, green onions

  • BLT Dip (GF)


    Creamy bacon & cream cheese dip topped with crispy bacon, diced tomatoes and green onions.

    Served with warmed naan bread bites and tortilla chips.

  • BG's Nachos (GF)


    Mixed peppers, diced tomato, red onion, jalpe├▒os, green onions, corn, house fried tortilla chips and guac, smothered in our pub blend cheese

    Additional nacho toppings = $6

    Pico | Pulled Chicken | Pulled Beef | Beyond Meat

  • Chicken Wings (GF)


    Fried wings with your choice of one of our signature sauces and seasonings:

    Lemon Pepper | Bulgogi | Nashville | Garlic Parm | Hell's Gate Dry Rub | Honey Garlic | BBQ | Reaper (HOT, HOT, HOT!)