Our Eats

  • Shellfish & Shareables

  • Halibut on a Stick


    Fresh fried halibut / fiery Cheeto dusting / chipotle dipping sauce

  • Island Mussels


    1 pound of steamed blue mussels in your broth choice with homemade focaccia

  • Steamed Soft Shells


    1 pound of steamed island bar clams in your broth choice with house made focaccia

  • Baked Clam Dip


    Served hot with tortillas & crostinis

  • Bar Clam Caesar


    You read that right! Romaine, bacon, fried capers, parmesan cheese, Andre's Caesar dressing with deep-fried bar clams atop

  • Lobster Cobb Salad


    Bacon, pickled red onion, tomato jam, boiled egg, held together with a blue cheese dressing & balsamic reduction atop iceberg lettuce & lobster tail

  • PEI Clam Tacos


    Authentic warm corn tortilla, house slaw & pico de gallo, island bar clams, and cilantro lime crema

  • Snow Crab Steamer Buns


    A delicious medley of island snow crab, our house slaws, cuddled between a warm bao bun

  • Seacuterie Board


    Smoked salmon, pickled mussels, cold clam dip, pickled veggies & carbs

  • Steamer Pots


    A medley of island seafood & seasonal vegetables - mussels, soft shell clams, snow crab, lobster, corn on the cob & potatoes - pick your broth!